About Us

It’s a show about the raddest time of year in the baddest decade ever! That’s right! We talk all things Christmas in the ’80s to the max! Toys, movies, specials, music, books, comics, games, food, fashion, decorations, and fads–if it was gnarly during Christmas in the ’80s, we got it covered!

Host Gerry D

Creator and host of TRC, Gerry D loves all things ‘80s and Christmas, so naturally he mashed them up to start his own show! He works at Decorator’s Warehouse, the largest Christmas store in Texas. His favorite Christmas presents from his childhood were the Super Powers Batmobile, Castle Grayskull, Voltron, and Mega Man 2 for the NES! Something like that.

All-Star Little #1

Little #1 is the cutest podcaster ever! She’s into Harry Potter, Lego, and hopes to receive her letter to Hogwarts soon. If not, maybe she can star in a High School Musical sequel. Or not. Who knows? Either way, she’ll continue to help out her old man when he needs a fun, new perspective on some rad ’80s classics!

All-Star Thom Crowe

A founding elf of ‘Tis the Podcast, Thom has a self-diagnosed Christmas obsession and is known to subject his very loving and supportive wife and sweet daughter to Christmas music during the hottest of Oklahoma months. Throughout the year, Thom serves as an Orthodox deacon, volunteers with teens, works marketing magic, loves to cook, and enjoys reading, and lots of nerdy things.

All-Star Anthony Caruso

‘Tis the Podcast’s Anthony inherited his love for Christmas from his parents, specifically his mother. He firmly believes that Christmas is a feeling that should be celebrated year round, not just once a year. Besides the holidays, Anthony is: an aspiring author; a proud geek; an animal lover; and a progressive, feminist, political nerd. In addition, he watches way too many movies and television shows, and is adept at dropping quotes from all of them into everyday conversation. He loves his wife and two cats more than anything else, including Christmas itself.

All-Star Danny Davila

Danny Davila is Gerry D’s little bro. Cool guy. Good times, good times.

All-Star Mike Westfall

The Advent Calendar House is a salute to all TV holiday specials, but mostly the Christmas ones. Mike revisits 12 holiday classics and not-so-classics each December and July, but be careful of the icy patch!

All-Star Julia Colburn

Julia of ‘Tis the Podcast is a people-loving Pollyanna with an affinity for useless knowledge and pop-culture trivia. She can often speak in Movie/TV quotes and gifs. With her amazing husband’s support, she has made it her goal to raise their 4 kids to not be cotton-headed ninny muggins’.

All-Star Todd Killian

Christmas Clatter is a bimonthly podcast dedicated to discussing everything that makes Christmas special, whether it be the movies, the music, the food, the traditions, the family, even those quiet moments of reflection. Hosted by Todd Killian, an avid Christmas-loving husband, and father of four, who shares his Christmas observations and memories. Todd is joined by an array of guests for “Christmas Conversations” and “Merry Melee” episodes.

All-Star Art Kilmer

A Cozy Christmas is the podcast that celebrates the coziness of Christmas all year round. Art reads classic Christmas stories, shares memories and stories, and chats with friends about the best day of the year. He also loves talking with authors, artists, musicians, and Christmas creatives of all types!

All-Star Tim Babb

To be funny, Tim doesn’t need to be dirty, he finds it more fun to be nerdy. As a multiracial father obsessed with Disneyland, Star Trek, and the internet, Tim brings his own unique perspective to the stage. Before moving to Los Angeles, Host of Can’t Wait for Christmas, Tim Babb began his career as an air personality on Mix 106.5FM in San Jose, California. Doing stand-up for so many years in the shadow of San Francisco resulted in an act that takes the edge of the big city and combines it with the geek factor of the Silicon Valley and adds the energy of a human cartoon. Tim’s not trying to change the world, he just wants to make it laugh….one audience at a time.

All-Star CJ Belanger

Known as the bad boy of the Christmas Podcast Network, CJ is one of the baddest dudes ever! Host of Christmas Sessions, he can be found helping out his Christmas buds as a frequent guest on their shows. CJ has a heart of gold, and will always remind us that Christmas should be messy and tacky and full of love.

All-Star Chris Sisley

Based in New York City, hosts Chris and Kris of Christmas Time in the City podcast explore the history and traditions of the holidays in NYC and beyond!

All-Star Glen Warren

Have you ever wondered about where our favourite holiday foods come from? What really is a figgy pudding, or how does a Roman Pope stop the world from enjoying German stollen? Join host and certified baker, Glen Warren, as he dives into the history of the foods which shape our holidays in Season’s Eatings: The History of Your Favourite Christmas Foods.

All-Star Kim Cooper

Kim of Planning for Christmas teaches tips and tricks to help you do a little bit each month to get ready for the Christmas Season and actually enjoy your holiday! Oh, and she’s one of the nicest people ever!

All-Star Michael Christelman

One third of the Saturday Morning Mafia, Michael also writes about The Wonderful World of Nothing. Part cyborg, Michael runs on coffee and memes.

All-Star Duane Bailey

Founder of Townshend Lights and Tinsel Tunes, Duane can be found most days working on his spectacular light show! He’s also an amazing metal drummer and more often than not is playing to some rad tracks on his YouTube channel The Average Drummer!

All-Star Scott Leopold

Scott Leopold has always loved Christmas music and has been collecting all manner of it for the last twenty years or so. Over the last few months, he focused mainly on Japanese Christmas music. A lot of it is really great and very little of it is available in the US, so he’s had to work extra hard to locate the best albums for his collection to share on his podcast Holly Jolly X’masu.

All-Stars AA & CM Chuck

AA and CM Chuck are the hosts of Just Another Friday Night. Yep, it’s two guys and a mic and San Antonio’s premiere pop culture podcast! Both avid comic fans, the guys crack open a beverage and dig into everything from wrestling to toys to cartoons to video games. Oh, and that’s just the beginning of it all!

All-Star Ken Kessler

Ken’s been in the broadcasting biz for a while now, and man! this cat knows what he’s talking about. His Sounds of Christmas Podcast is a fun series of conversations and interviews about Christmas music and other related topics. It’s just a bunch of cool folks diggin’ Christmas music and jivin’ on some great topics! Check it out!

All-Star Manny Torres

Manny’s been into Christmas for as long as he can remember, especially Christmas villages. He’s the host of Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad, the bilingual, multilingual Christmas podcast about everything Christmas foods, traditions, songs, locations and more!

All-Star Sean Sotka

Have you ever wanted a hub for all Christmas podcasts? Sean did, so he created one! He listens to so many Christmas podcasts that he dedicates his own show the Christmas Podcasts Podcast to collecting and cataloguing all Christmas podcast episodes. He previews, he reviews, and he interviews, and he keeps the Christmas Spirit up all year long!

All-Star Charlyn Lewis

Fashion queen and expert Charlyn Lewis has impeccable taste! Her fashion sense is only rivaled by her sense of humor and her grace. When you want to know what’s in, check her out on Take a Chic Peek! You’ll see what dressed to the nines really looks like and be in on the hottest trends! Oh, and she’s mad cool, too!

All-Star Jason Rhodes

Winner of the coveted Raddest Beard Award, Jason runs Holidays Unknown, where he finds forgotten things from all beloved holidays and give them new life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial, a decoration, or a holiday special. If it’s nostalgic, he’ll help us remember and rejoice in those special warm fuzzies.

All-Star Ron Hogan

Also a winner of the coveted Raddest Beard Award, Ron co-hosts the Film Strip podcast which reviews fan favorite films and franchises, breaking down the themes, production value, box office returns, and cultural significance. Often credited as President Hotdog, he can be heard on a few Christmas pods when he’s not raising his daughter.

All-Star Lani Cuomo

Lani Cuomo is an Asian-American stand up comic that can be regularly seen performing in Austin, TX. She’ll charm you with her absurdly relatable stories and hex you with a well-timed roast. She’s met too many video game weirdos IRL, thus blossoming into the unstoppable fat Enchantress in booty shorts. She cohosts the NetfliXmas Podcast, a show about Christmas romance movies. You’ve seen her at the Memphis Comedy Festival and has shared the stage with Martha Kelly, Anthony Jeselnik and Jeff Dye.

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