Ep 239 – Centurions “Time Trap”

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What’s up, dudes? Remember the Centurions? Kenner released the 7” Centurions line in 1986. The figures had cybernetic Exo-Frames with a number of hardpoints on the surface, onto which the various parts of their Assault Weapon Systems attached. In the accompanying Ruby-Spears cartoon, personnel on the orbiting space station Skyvault beamed the AWS to the team.


London Editions Magazines published Centurions comics in the UK. Despite the vague near future label, the UK comic firmly establishes the year as 2087 in issue #8 in the 4 page story entitled ‘Time Trap.’ 

In fact, it’s New Year’s Eve 2087, and even on Skyvault the turn of the new year is eagerly awaited. Max, Jake, and Crystal have only 2 ½ minutes before midnight, and Crystal beams Jake up to Skyvault to celebrate the New Year with his friends. Just as Jake is teleported aboard, he discovers everything in a state of suspended animation. Yes, everyone of his friends is frozen in time. Investigating with the space scanner, Jake discovers that time hasn’t stopped, just slowed down almost to a halt. Doc Terror apparently fired a Time Stasis beam at Skyvault causing some sort of time distortion. 

Not knowing how to operate Skyvault’s defense systems, Jake instead opts to use Ace’s Orbital Interceptor AWS. He’s not used to handling space missions though, and he flies erratically. Fortunately, this prevents Doc Terror from locking his weapons on him. Jake fires a multi-particle missile at Doc Terror’s Flying Fortress, disabling it and shutting down the beam. Free from the time stasis, Crystal beams Jake aboard, and the team ushers in the new year.

Weapons? Check. Teleporters? Yup. Dracula? Umm… So put on your Exo-Frame, yell Power Extreme, and dive into this episode on the Centurions!

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