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What’s up, dudes? It’s spooky season! So that means I’ve got Anthony Caruso from ‘Tis the Podcast with me to talk the Mistress of the Dark! That’s right! This episode is all about Elvira! From MTV specials to comics to her own feature film, we get into all of it!


In “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark,” the goth beauty inherits a decrepit New England mansion and a old recipe book. Spoilers: It’s actually a spell book, and she’s descended from a line of witches. There’s an uptight Puritanical town, an evil warlock uncle, and a group of hormonal teens! When they attempt to burn her at the stake, she conjures a storm to put it out, then tackles her maniacal uncle! Eventually, with her newly inherited money, she finances her own Vegas show!

In Elvira’s Haunted Holidays, the titular heroine plays the Scrooge character and is visited by three ghosts. First, she’s visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past who shows her making bat garland and burning down her schoolhouse. The next ghost shows her New York City’s Christmas spirit which she promptly lambasted for its greed. Finally, the Ghost of Christmas Future shows her a desolate wasteland, which changes her attitude about the holiday. Cue the horror hostess sic’ing a bat on some creeps.

Ancient family spell book? Check. Witty quips and zingers? Uh huh. Dangerous food monster? Only if it’s really gross! So grab your magic ring, hop in your convertible, and take a ride to this episode!

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