Ep 100 – Frosty the Snowman (w/ Mike and Matt)

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What’s up, dudes? It’s the First Sunday of Advent, and I’ve got Mike Westfall of  Advent Calendar House and Matt Eurich from the TGI Podcast here to talk the Rankin Bass special “Frosty the Snowman” for my 100th episode! The gang’s all here, from Paul Frees to Romeo Muller!


When Professor Hinkle fails to impress the school children during his Christmas Eve visit, he quickly disposes of his magic hat. The children find the hat and immediately place it upon the head of the snowman they built! Happy birthday! Yes, the newly dubbed Frosty (Jackie Vernon) begins to lead a parade and, realizing he’s melting, takes little Karen on a trip to the North Pole!

The duo hitch a ride on a train hobo-style and make their way to a woodland creature Christmas party–sort of. A quick bellywhop getaway and a greenhouse prison later, and Santa has to rescue a melted Frosty. Don’t worry. Santa won’t just leave the poor little girl on her rooftop. Waitasec…

Is Prof. Hinkle really Sideshow Bob? Does Santa only have four reindeer with him because this is just a side quest? What is Christmas snow? Oatmeal?!?! So grab your magic hat and broom, join the parade, and march along to this episode! 

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