Halloween 2023.4 – General Mills Monster Cereals (w/ Anthony and CM Chuck)

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What’s up, dudes? It’s a fun, light hearted episode today with special guests Anthony Caruso from ‘Tis the Podcast and CM Chuck from Just Another Friday Night! That’s right! We’re talking the General Mills monster cereals! Officially created in 1928, General Mills traces its history back to the 1860’s. 


Introduced in March of 1971, Count Chocula is a chocolate loving vampire designed by George Karn. His cereal, as his name suggests, is made of delicious whole grain corn chocolate flavor frosted cereal and marshmallow bits. His Bela Lugosi-inspired voice was provided by Larry Kenney for the commercials. Subsequently in the 1980’s Count Chocula character was re-vamped (pun intended) with a more svelte physique, a slender nose, and added shading on his clothes. New boxes were introduced, even including a set where Lugosi’s Dracula chased a terrified Count Chocula.

Soon after, Franken Berry followed in October of ‘71, also a Karn design. He is a slightly rotund pink version of Frankenstein’s creature with sweet strawberry cereal and marshmallows. Voiced by Bob McFadden, he speaks with a Boris Karloff-style voice.

Similarly General Mills released Boo Berry, the blueberry flavored cereal ghost mascot, in 1973. His Peter Lorre-tinged voice was provided by Christmas special voice acting legend Paul Frees. Boo Berry is a blue ghost with a red bow-tie and red and yellow hat.

Finally rounding out the cast is Frute Brute, a werewolf introduced in ‘74 and retired in ‘82, and Fruity Yummy Mummy, released in ‘88 and retired in ‘92. Of course both are fruit flavored cereals. In ‘85 the cereal pieces became ghost shaped, and following in ‘89 bat shaped marshmallows were introduced.

Hanna-Barbera vibe? Check. Classic Universal Studios Monster pastiches? Uh huh. Loads and loads of sugar? Definitely! So grab a spoon, put on your chocolate cloak, and pour out a big bowl full of this episode on monster cereals!

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