Ep 214 – Jaws: The Revenge (w/ Ron, Jay & Lindsey)

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What’s up, dudes? RonJay, and Lindsey from the Film Strip podcast are with me to dive into (pun intended) “Jaws: The Revenge!” Yes, it’s a quasi-direct sequel to the original in a “Jaws” multiverse.


Chief Brody has passed away, and his wife Ellen is feeling lonely and nostalgic at Christmas. When her younger son Sean is killed by a great white, she needs a change of scenery. Her other son Michael brings her to his marine biology headquarters in the Caribbean to spend Christmas. Oh, Ellen meets a local smuggler and pilot Hoagie, who immediately tries to woo her.

Michael and his keeps being followed and nearly eaten by a great white shark. Ellen, who has suddenly developed an apocryphal-sense for the beast, is positive it’s the same creature that killed her son. Determined to end the threat to her bloodline, she hunts it down herself. With the help of his partner Jake and pilot Hoagie, Michael tracks Ellen and together they destroy the animal with pseudoscience.

Michael Caine? Check. The Last Starfighter? Yep. Voodoo controlled shark? Only if you read the novelization! So grab your harpoon, build an electrical impulse emitter, and sail off to this episode all about “Jaws: The Revenge!”

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