Ep 218 – Kidd Video Christmas Special (w/ Shawn and Chad)

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What’s up, dudes? Shawn Robare from Cult Film ClubCrestwood House, and Plastic Rocket Pop and Chad Young from Horror Movie BBQ are with me to discuss “Kidd Video!” That’s right! We’re talking the long lost “Kidd Video Christmas Special!” It’s ‘80s cartoon awesomeness re-edited in ‘91 to fill a one hour time slot on WGN. 


The special consists of 2 episodes of the show, ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘Master Blaster Brat.’ All the licensed Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, etc., music was removed and replaced with generic Christmas songs.

In ‘Double Trouble,’ while exploring  the tunnels of South Plumbington, the band goes down a drain and is attacked by a giant plunger. They find a message in a bottle and decide to rescue the sender. When they go to free him, they find out that they have rescued Laster Blaster, Master Blaster’s identical twin brother. Master Blaster had imprisoned him so that he could take his place as treasurer of South Plumbington and get the town treasure. Master Blaster just needs to find the key to the vault. Once he does, Whiz forges a duplicate key, and Glitter switches them. Laster approaches the town to win his rightful place back as treasurer. Master and Laster’s mother shows up to determine who is who, and picks Master Blaster as her favorite rotten son. Master Blaster still steals the treasure, only to find out the treasure is shower heads!

The Copy Cats accidentally turn Master Blaster into a toddler. They wicked youths immediately transform nearly the entire town, including Whiz and Carla. While Glitter babysits, Kidd and Ash seek out the sorceress Xenia who possesses a magic aging ray. Eventually, the duo overcome her fearsome creatures. After Ash does a Stomp-inspired performance, Kidd and Xenia have a sock hop and they duo takes her magic ray. Soon the townspeople are returned to normal.

Evil twins? Check. Dancing sorceress? Got it. Christmas songs edited over the band’s hit videos? Whoa, yeah! So grab your guitar, fix your hair, and jam out to this episode all about the “Kidd Video Christmas Special!”

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